Chakraborty, actress and girlfriend of Sushant Singh Rajput, says that the late
actor wanted to move out of Mumbai
and kept on calling his family to come and
meet him. “After several days of calling and crying over the phone, his sister
Meethu agreed to come and live with him,” she said in a statement.

statement, released by Chakraborty’s counsel on August 18, also mentions that
Rhea suffered anxiety and panic attacks.

had been calling his family, informing them of his decision to move out of
Mumbai and requesting them to come meet him. After several days of Sushant
calling and crying over the phone, his sister Meethu agreed to come live with
him on 8th of June 2020. Due to this development, Sushant requested Rhea to
live with her parents for the time being,” said the statement.

“Rhea had
been suffering from her own anxiety issues and often endured panic attacks.
Sushant’s conduct also aggravated these conditions. Even though Rhea was
desirous of seeing her family, she was not at all comfortable with leaving
Sushant. The very same day,8th June 2020, Rhea had arranged to have a
therapy session of her own with Dr. Susan Walker and requested Sushant if she
could leave after the session. However, Sushant told her to leave immediately
before his sister Meethu arrived.

“Thus Rhea reluctantly
left and informed Sushant to let her or her brother know about anything he
required or in case he needed to talk,” the statement further reads.

Among other
allegations, the statement accuses Sushant’s sister Priyanka of trying to grope

Sushant was
found dead in his Mumbai apartment on June 14. According to The Mumbai Police,
the actor had died by suicide. However the case is now under CBI. 

KK Singh,
father of Sushant, has filed and FIR in Bihar against the actress for abetting
his son to suicide . He also blamed Rhea’s family for cheating his son