While the feeling of being loved or loving some is a celebration in itself, however, the pangs of the daily dose of life can often submerge those ethereal emotions. 

So once a year on Valentine’s Day it isn’t too shabby make your loved ones feel special, make them a nice meal, wrap up a thoughtful present and hold them close real tight. 

Here are a few gift ideas for your special one on the day of celebration of love and affection. 

Fitness Tracker

With the ongoing pandemic, most of us are stuck inside the four walls of our houses which has taken abruptly discontinued our day to day physical activities.

A Fitness Tracker or Fitbit could be a wonderful gift for anyone who is looking to keep their health in check. Put on the Fitness Tracker, mask yourself up and hit the roads for a bit of a jog. 

Beard Grooming Kit

If your guy is someone who likes flaunting a majestic beard or is trying to grow one, the beard grooming kit could be the perfect addition to their grooming cabinet. 

Also, this could be the perfect opportunity to drop a little hint and let your better half know how you prefer his beard. Insert wink emoji. 

Wall Posters

Is there a show that he keeps binge-watching every night? A song he keeps humming every day? Or a football team in a faraway land that conquers his imagination every second?

If ‘yes’ is an answer to any of those questions then gift him wall posters to let him know you value and care for his little favourites. A poster of ‘The Office’ or ‘Friends’, or his favourite band ‘Guns N’ Roses’ or emblem of the mighty Real Madrid, could just do the trick. 

Polaroid Camera

If she’s one to abruptly pause while you’re walking and capture the skyline as the purple mingles with the royal blue hue, the polaroid camera could be the perfect gift for her. 

Go capturing memories every moment as you make them. 

Customisable ceramic planters

Locked up in our rooms for months our emotional and mental sanity has often gone for a toss. However, a touch of nature goes the distance in making our rooms a lot more peaceful and endearing space. 

This V-day, gift her ceramic planters with a little bit of personal touch and colour their life with nature’s elegance.

Scented Candles

A romantic evening, an elegant spread of her favourite Italian cuisine, top it off with the graceful smell of rose-scented candles.

The pleasant aroma of blossoming rose can brighten any occasion or day.