The Taliban coup that plunged Afghanistan towards one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises will be the focal point in the G20 Summit to take place in Italy. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi will host leaders and heads of 20 major economies, including India, on Tuesday.

“Providing humanitarian support is urgent for the most vulnerable groups, especially women and children, with winter arriving,” Reuters quoted an official with knowledge of the G20 agenda as saying.

Why Afghanistan will be the centre of discussion at G-20?

Ever since the militant group Taliban, known for its regressive religious and violent policies, took over control of Afghanistan on August 15, an already war-torn country was pushed towards a greater, probably one of the greatest humanitarian conflicts the world has seen.

Before the Taliban coup, Afghanistan was on a verge of the world’s worst drought and poverty scale, a result of decades of war between the US and terrorist groups. The crisis only aggravated after the Taliban regime, with a massive economic collapse, raising the spectre of an exodus of refugees.

Apart from that, the return of Sharia law and the Taliban’s regressive policies towards women and children has also been a concern for human rights advocates and free world countries.

Why is the Afghanistan issue going to be a problem?

The prime concern is the divided stand of international powers on the Afghanistan crisis. While most free world countries want to interfere in what seems to be the clear violations of human rights inside the Afghan territories, there are nations like China and Russia, who despite having huge influence refuse to address the issue citing Afghanistan’s internal matter.

“The main problem is that Western countries want to put their finger on the way the Taliban run the country, how they treat women for example, while China and Russia, on the other hand, have a non-interference foreign policy,” a diplomatic source close to the matter told Reuters.

The first and foremost need is for the countries to remain on the same page on a conflict as sensitive as this.

The G20 Afgant Summit will take place on Tuesday via a video conference, which is due to start at 1 pm (1100 GMT). The summit comes just days after senior US and Taliban officials met in Qatar for their first face-to-face meeting since the hardline group retook power.