Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday responded to Congress leader Kamal Nath’s letter over his ‘item’ remark on BJP’s Imarti Devi, ANI reported.

In the two-page-letter, Chouhan wrote, “I believe you should tender an honest apology… Learn to love people of the state. Despite you not belonging to MP, its people are trying to accept you.”

On Monday, the former MP CM wrote a letter to Chouhan that read, “it would have been better if you would have written to your party president over derogatory remarks made by Ministers of your party.”

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His reaction came after Chouhan wrote a letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi demanding Nath’s removal from all posts. “Immediately remove him from all party posts & strongly condemn his statement. If you fail to react, I’ll be compelled to believe that you support it,” the letter said.

Imarti Devi too, in her sharp response, appealed to Gandhi to remove Nath people from her party. “Such people have no right to stay in Madhya Pradesh…I demand Congress president Sonia Gandhi to remove him from the party. She is also a woman and a mother, will she tolerate if anybody will say something like this about her daughter?” she said.

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The 73-year-old Congress leader sparked controversy on Sunday during his campaign for the upcoming Assembly by-poll by referring to BJP candidate, Imarti Devi, who was with the Congress till early 2020, as an ‘item’.