The COVID-19 pandemic led to many people shifting from office to home. Now that the virus is on its way out and people are being called back to office, some have decided that instead of staying at home or working in the office, they’d rather travel the world. Cocktail in one hand and laptop in the other these digital nomads are travelling the world. 

But to do so, there are some things that are absolutely essential to the digital nomad lifestyle. This includes some necessary gear that is a must have while working on the road. 

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Power converter/adapter

While travelling, every digital nomad needs to have a power converter on hand so that they can charge their devices without worrying about their blowing the fuse in an electrical socket or even worse, frying a laptop’s battery.

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Power bank

Keeping one handy is an absolute necessity for every digital nomad. Getting something which lasts a long time is important, especially when there’s no outlets nearby. A portable power bank which has a long battery life, charges quickly and connect multiple devices at the same time is ideal.

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Noise-cancelling headphones

When you’re travelling and working, its a given that there’s likely to be noise wherever you go. To that end, noise cancelling headphones are going to be a life-saver. Keep in mind that they tend to fall on the expensive side, but invest in a good pair and you can work in peace without having to worry about moving. 

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Portable WiFi

Whether they’re sitting poolside at a hotel or hiking to their next destination, digital nomads will need to keep a portable WiFi. While you can probably wrangle one from your usual SIM provider, the cost goes up if you’re looking for something which doesn’t need one or works via satellite. 

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Comfortable pillow

The least technology oriented on our list, a good pillow has never done anybody any harm, only good. While working those long hours, your chair can get uncomfortable so its best to carry something that’ll help with your posture and make sure you’re not standing up with a backache after work.