Instagram is a place where you will see a lot of food trends. Some good, some bad, and some downright bizarre. However, this platform has witnessed some revolutionary transformations of our favourite dishes. The latest addition to these trends is ‘Watermelon Pizza.’ Yes, you read it right, a pizza with a watermelon base.

However, this shouldn’t sound that crazy after the Lala land of Instagram has already seen some crazy versions of the dish like honey pizza, chocolate pizza, and sweetcorn pizza.

So before we dwell more on this trend and decide whether or not it’s a disaster, let’s find out how and when the trend of Watermelon Pizza started.

Here’s the back story

The trend began when an Instagram user by the name of ‘elburritomonster’ uploaded a recipe video of watermelon pizza on the social media platform. While the video was about three weeks back, it has caught the attention of social media users only recently.

Here is the video that everyone on Instagram is now talking about.

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“Wanted to bring my famous watermelon pizza to tiktok so hopefully more people can try it! Fry your watermelon for 5 minutes a side before loading up BBQ sauce, low moisture mozzarella, and chorizo before putting it under the grill/broiler,” read the caption.”  

Netizens have not only appreciated the video but also tried their own versions of watermelon pizza. See some of the posts here.

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So, if you are really really moved by these posts and want to try your own version of watermelon pizza, we have got you covered. Here’s how to make the watermelon pizza at home.


While there are no fixed ingredients and you can add or subtract flavours as per your taste. These few items are a must for this trendy watermelon pizza.


Mozzarella cheese


Barbeque sauce

Recipe of watermelon pizza

Cut the watermelon in a circular shape like that of a pizza base, Once done, fry this base in a pan on both sides for at least five minutes each. Now, spread barbeque sauce on one side and add sausages and cheese on side of the sauce. This is the part where you can experiment and add your own liked ingredients to give it an authentic and natural taste.

Now, bake this prepared base in an oven or microwave. Onc heated, slice the watermelon like pizza and serve.