National Maritime Day is observed on April 5th throughout the country and is dedicated to the significance of maritime commerce in the growth of the Indian economy, as well as the role of India and its strategic location in world trade. India, a vital component of the Silk Route, served as a junction connecting the Middle East and Europe to the East Asian countries.

Every year, the day is commemorated with a specific theme that serves as the foundation for all festivities planned for that day. The day also signifies and inspires the effort to improve the state of maritime commerce and assist it to achieve new heights.

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On April 5, 1919, while India was still under British administration, a ship called the SS Loyalty travelled from Mumbai to London. Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd, the largest large-scale shipping company owned completely by Indians, owned the ship.

It was a historic day since the Indian subcontinent and its waterways were still under British control at the time. India was a critical land at the time in terms of global trade since it connected European trading titans such as England, France, and Portugal to the rest of Asia.

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The National Maritime Day 2022 has historical importance in India’s maritime sector, and it is commemorated every year to commemorate the past, continuing growth, and futuristic ambitions of maritime trade in and around the nation.

The day is dedicated to recognising the critical role that the maritime industry plays in the growth and sustainability of the Indian economy. Furthermore, on this day, several actors and participants in the maritime sector are commended and awarded for their efforts and contributions. People are given the Varuna Award, which is regarded as the greatest accolade for someone who has made an excellent contribution to Indian maritime.

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The topic of last year’s National Maritime Day was ‘Sustainable Shipping Beyond COVID-19.’ The theme for this year has yet to be officially announced.