Ever since the outbreak of COVID pandemic, people have been forced to stay inside and it has led to change in active lifestyle. People are overeating and gaining weight. Midnight snacking, skipping breakfast, or munching chips in front of your favourite TV show looks like are new pass times. Don’t worry, here we are to help you change these habits and start a healthy lifestyle.

Here are quick fixes to avoid gaining that extra kilos:

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Portion control

According to Cornell University food psychologist Brian Wansink, if you use larger plate or bowl to eat, you eat more unknowingly. Eat from smaller dishes and stop eating straight from a container or package.

Eat a fruit or cheese string for midnight snacking

Midnight snacking is common and people often tend to eat sugary foods to satisfy the hunger pangs. After dinner, think of the kitchen as being closed for the night, and brush your teeth — you’ll want to eat less with a newly cleaned mouth. If you are still hungry after 10 minutes, eat small like string cheese or a fruit.

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Eat healthy snacks

Snacking round-the-clock, often on high-calorie foods that are full of empty carbs, leads to weight gain. Try to keep healthy snacks within your reach, including hummus, carrots and cucumber slices, air-popped popcorn, yogurt, and almonds.

Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with work from home, many of you don’t have time to eat. When you skip meals, your metabolism begins to slow. Make preparation for breakfast at night and make a list of dishes that you consume on the run. Keep whole fruit, yogurt, homemade cereal bars, and smoothies in your fridge.