In this fast-paced life, we often delve into ready-to-eat and pre-cooked meals or junk food
because that’s an easy way to fill our tummy and treat our taste buds. But, is
it good for your body?

As National
Nutrition Week
sets off today, we thought of making a list of 10 easy-to-find,
easy-to-cook everyday superfoods that will level up your body’s nutrition
intake. Check them out:

1. Eggs

Whether you
eat it whole or with whites and yolk separately, eggs are by far the most
amazing source of proteins, which consists of all the required amino acids.
This superfood is rich in vitamin B-2 and B-12, both of which are important for
preserving energy and generating red blood cells. There are a million ways to
include this scrumptious superfood in your daily meal plans, which one to
choose first, we’ll leave it up to you! 

2. Avocados

might be rich in fats, but it still is used in most of the weight loss meal
plans. Why, you may think? Well, to put it simply, not all fats are bad, and
avocado is enriched with the best of fats. This superfood is high in
beta-sitosterol, a plant sterol that blocks the absorption of cholesterol from
food, and the anticancer compound glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. Besides
that, it also provides vitamins B, K, E, and is also a good source of fiber.

3. Dark chocolate

Who doesn’t
like chocolate, right? But, when you’re on your weight loss journey, you often
are asked to leave your ‘sweet friend’ behind. Well, here’s a catch! This
bitter-sweet alternative of your regular chocolate will not just satisfy your
cravings but will boost your intake of disease-fighting flavonoids,
antioxidants. Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, is loaded with
magnesium, fiber, copper, and iron.

4. Sweet Potato

Thanks to
their alpha and beta carotene, sweet potatoes have this beautiful orange colour
that make them look more appetising. This superfood is enriched with
antioxidants, vitamin A, C and B-6, dietary fiber, complex carbohydrate,
potassium, iron, calcium, manganese and lutein and zeaxanthin.

5. Oats

For busy
weekdays, oats are the best on-the-go breakfast option. Rich in dietary fibre
and ‘good’ carbohydrates, oats not just satisfy your morning hunger pangs, but
keep you in good health and shape. Anyone who starts dieting, they tend to add
oats as one of their first and prime superfoods in the meal plan. If you’re not
a fan of plain oatmeal, you can always make oats cookies and enjoy them with
your favourite drink.

6. Greek yogurt

We all know
about yogurt and its benefits, but have you heard of its smooth, extra-thick,
and creamy ‘cousin’ Greek yogurt? Greek yogurt is nothing else but plain yogurt
that has been strained to remove the whey. This superfood is a great source of
calcium, protein, potassium, and an important source of probiotics.

7. Mushrooms

are low in calories and an excellent source of the cancer-fighting mineral,
selenium. Additionally, this superfood is the highest vegetarian source of
vitamin D and is high in copper and potassium, nutrients needed for nerve
function, and red blood cell production. Mushrooms are amongst the top foods of a vegetarian diet, if you haven’t tried them yet, this is your chance to treat yourself
with a sumptuous mushroom-fry!

8. Berries 

Berries are
not just heavenly in taste, but are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, fibre,
calcium, iron, and many more nutrients. If you’re one of those ‘always hungry’
types, you can gobble up this superfood and it’ll not just fill up your tummy
but help you meet your daily nutrition intake.

9. Beet green

You must
have heard about the health benefits of beetroots, but did you know the green
which comes along with them are super rich in nutrients too? The greens of
beets are a great source of vitamins A, C, and K. You can add these to your
salad or sandwich and make your meal extra nutritious!

10. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and
seeds are rich sources of proteins, vitamins, fiber, and complex carbohydrates.
These are packed with healthy polyunsaturated fats and magnesium, two important
nutrients that keep your heart in good shape.

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Not just that, these superfoods
have generous amounts of ‘trace’ or ‘minor’ minerals like magnesium, selenium,
zinc, and copper, which we often overlook during our daily food intake. 

 Do you
feel motivated enough to add these super-awesome nutrient-rich superfoods to
your daily meals? Do let us know in the comments below!