Recently, a viral video of a deer swallowing a snake has baffled people on the internet.

Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan later retweeted it with this caption, “Seems a confused, disoriented deer. Didn’t study ecology in school!!”

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In the video, the deer can be seen standing on the side of the road in the popular footage. A snake is dangling from its mouth. The deer continued to swallow the snake, creating a horrifying image.

This video perplexed the internet as well. Some viewers had very interesting reactions to it.

One user commented: “It identifies as tiger !!! Why are ya’ll pushing it to be a deer !!”

Another wrote: “Hahhaa😅😅😅 . might be bored of eating plants only. He must be feeling – kuch Naya try Kiya Jaye.”

A Twitter user Vijay Savant commented that deer as well as goats consumed vine snakes such as these. Some also pointed out that though known as ruminants, the deficiency in mineral could have pushed this behavior in the deer.

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