Prince William has been named as the sexiest bald man on the planet according to a new study using Google, conducted by cosmetic surgery specialists Longevita.

The study was based on how many time the Duke of Cambridge had been called ‘sexy’ in various online blogs and articles around the internet.

The results apparently showed that the 38-year-old had been called “sexy” around 17.6 million times, more than any other famous bald man, according to The Sun.

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Meanwhile, iconic boxer Mike Tyson, 54, came second with 8.8million mentions on the internet followed by “Fast & Furious” star Jason Statham with 7.4million results.

‘Mr International’ Pitbull also snapped up a spot in the first five with 5.4m ‘sexy’ mentions online. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin just missed out on a spot in the Top 10, with 2.2m results.

However, the results had the internet in splits as there was a storm of memes and trolls online after Prince William topped the charts. 

The Hollywood actor Dave Bautista — best known to WWE fans as ‘Batista’ — shared the news with his own followers, posting a hilarious video where he hollowly looked into the camera and quipped: ‘Nah… I don’t think so.’

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He captioned the video with a crying-laughing emoji and added: ‘Looks up definition of “SEXY”‘.

Seems like the “Guardians of the Galaxy” didn’t take the loss too well. 

Twitterati too seemed to have a meltdown after the results. While most were shocked, others tried to reason out how their favourite celebrities — read Dwayne Johnson — missed out on the top spot.

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The Top 10 List:

  1. Prince William – 17.6m
  2. Mike Tyson – 8.8m
  3. Jason Statham – 7.4m
  4. Pitbull – 5.4m
  5. Michael Jordan – 5.3m
  6. Floyd Mayweather – 4.3m
  7. John Travolta – 3.8m
  8. Bruce Willis – 3.3m
  9. Dwayne Johnson – 2.6m
  10. Vin Diesel – 2.3m