A video of Coach Prime, whose real name is Deion Sanders, giving a pre-game speech before the ESPN College GameDay set in Boulder, Colorado, with WWE Icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson nodding in the background went viral on social media.

“You put one foot back and you was ready to get down. He didn’t directly say something about my momma but he alluded to the fact that his momma raised him and my momma didn’t raise me right,” Sanders was seen saying in the video before holding the microphone to his mother.

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“I raised him right! I also told him to always be yourself. If you have to kick a**, kick a**!” his mother said to a lot of applause from everyone present there, including Johnson, who was seen nodding, smiling and clapping in the background.

Here is the video:

Johnson made a blockbuster entry to the College GameDay set, complete with his epic WWE-style, iconic theme song. The actor was welcomed as the celebrity guest picker for the Rocky Mountain showdown. sanders received quite the surprise when Johnson showed up at the event. Coach Prime presented a bow to Johnson after sharing an embrace with the Hollywood superstar.

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Johnson praised Sanders for revolutionizing College football. “He’s changing the face of college football and he’s doing it his way. But he’s also doing it in a way — and this is the hard part — that is galvanizing not only a town in Boulder, Colorado, but also galvanizing an entire country,” he said.

On Saturday, the WWE legend returned to Boulder to share his prediction for the Rocky Mountain rivalry during ESPN’s College GameDay. He shed his jacket to unveil Shedeur Sanders’ jersey and roared, “Colorado, all day, baby,”