Jalen Milroe’s remarkable performance for Alabama, leading them to a comeback victory over Auburn, has thrust him into the spotlight. The quarterback’s pivotal role in securing this win positions Alabama for a critical face-off against Georgia in the SEC championship, with potential implications for the College Football Playoff.

After the game, Milroe was seen hugging his family.

Who are Quentin Milroe and Lola Milroe?

Jalen Milroe’s parents, Quentin and Lola Milroe, bring military backgrounds to their family. Settling in Katy, Texas, in 2005, they raised three children, instilling discipline and values. Despite Jalen’s early Texas fandom, a pivotal call from Nick Saban altered their allegiance to Alabama, where Jalen is now the starting quarterback.

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Quentin, a former US Marine deployed in Iraq, and Lola, with a Navy background, shaped Jalen’s upbringing across various states, including California, Maryland, and Houston, before settling in Texas. The family’s transition instilled adaptability in Jalen, a quality evident in his football prowess.

While growing up as a Texas fan, Jalen’s commitment to Alabama became certain after the offer from Saban. The family admired Alabama’s program and Saban’s commitment to excellence. Faith plays a crucial role in Jalen’s life, with him reading the Bible before each game, a practice contributing to his success.

Quentin emphasized the role of faith in Jalen’s achievements, stating that without it, Jalen wouldn’t have reached this level. The Milroe family shares a tight-knit bond, with Jalen’s parents and siblings visible in family photos. An impactful moment, captured in a viral video, showcases Jalen’s special handshake with his mother, Lola.

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Jalen’s recent outstanding performances, including a career-defining game against Texas A&M, solidified his position as Alabama’s starting quarterback. The Milroe family’s narrative intertwines military values, faith, and a shared love for Alabama football, providing a backdrop to Jalen’s rise in the college football ranks.