University of Alabama offensive lineman Elijah Pritchett faces arrest for allegedly spreading a sexually transmitted disease, raising concerns ahead of the College Football Playoff.

In a recent development, University of Alabama’s offensive tackle, Elijah Pritchett, has been arrested on charges of knowingly spreading a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The redshirt freshman, known for his on-field contributions, is now facing legal consequences, adding a layer of complexity to Alabama’s preparations for the upcoming College Football Playoff against the University of Michigan on January 1.

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Elijah Pritchett (x/@chriskelly2024)

Pritchett, charged with a Class C misdemeanor, could potentially face fines and up to three months in jail. Despite the severity of the allegations, he was released on a $500 bond. Notably, Pritchett has been granted youthful offender status, a legal designation available for individuals between 18 and 21 years old. This status allows for a lighter sentence, waiving a jury trial, and maintaining confidentiality of case records.

While Pritchett’s off-field behavior has been under scrutiny, he has played a significant role on the field for the Crimson Tide, participating in all 13 games of the current season in reserve and special teams capacities. However, this arrest marks the third instance of legal trouble for an Alabama football player this year.

The University of Alabama has yet to release an official statement on Pritchett’s arrest, and head coach Nick Saban is not scheduled for media obligations until the team reaches Pasadena for the Rose Bowl. Pritchett, who faced legal issues earlier this year for a speeding incident, had completed the required community service and defensive driving course to resolve that case.

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As Alabama fans await further developments, Pritchett’s legal situation casts a shadow over his availability for the crucial College Football Playoff game against Michigan, leaving uncertainties about his role in the team’s lineup.