A celebrity plastic surgeon in Russia took patriotism to a whole new level by creating breast implants that contain colorful stripes which represent the nation’s flag.

Sharing his latest creation on Instagram, surgeon Dobreikin Evgeny Alekseevich wrote, “Real patriots will be able to choose the model that is closer to their hearts, literally and figuratively.”

The red, white and blue implant sets, named ‘Rosgurd’, come in two designs. While one includes a blue and red stripe that symbolizes Russia, the other contains a camouflage pattern, a hint at the country’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

In the promotional video, a proud Alekseevich elucidates his “exclusive” silicone implants, referring to them as “a stylish solution for those who love their Motherland and want something more than just a sticker on a car or a tattoo on their shoulder.”

“In addition, these are experimental models of implants, whose unique coating absolutely safe and has successfully passed all the necessary tests,” he adds. 

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The camera then pans to a montage of Alekseevich’s patient, who is seen frolicking through a park with her new set of patriotic implants that are hidden underneath black clothing.

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The patient, who thinks the silicone shells are the keys to beauty and fashion, then goes on to discuss them in detail. 

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“I want to be the most beautiful and most fashionable to have something truly exclusive and ‘Rosgrud’ implants are what I need,” the patient says.

“I can’t always carry a flag with me, sometimes there’s even nowhere to put my passport, ‘Rosgrud’ will make me feel like a patriot even if I don’t have clothes on,” she says, concluding that it is “a fantastic feeling when the flag of your country is literally under your heart.”

While the bizarre implant has garnered criticism, one cannot ignore how it attempts to not only ensure that patriotism runs through its wearer’s veins, but also their breasts.