Sheetal Amte, social activist and granddaughter of Baba Amte allegedly died by suicide on Monday at Anandwan in Chandrapur, reported ANI.

Amte was an Indian public health expert who focused on helping people suffering from leprosy.

According to the Maharashtra Times, Dr Sheetal Amte-Karjagi had been suffering from mental stress for the last few days.

A few days back, Dr Sheetal had made serious allegations about Anandvan, trustees and activists through Facebook Live.

However, the interview was removed a few hours later and the incident sparked various discussions. Subsequently, the Amte family issued a statement denying all allegations levelled by Sheetal Amte.

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Dr Amte was the granddaughter of the late Baba Amte.  Daughter of Vikas and Bharti Amte, she also actively nurtured the social service legacy of the Amte family. She completed her MBBS from Nagpur in 2003. Subsequently, she had decided to live and work in Anandvan.  

Few hours before her death, Dr Amte tweeted a picture, captioned War and Peace.