The US will reportedly facilitate the transfer of Soviet era tanks to Ukraine to help the eastern European country in the fight against Russia.

The New York Times first reported, citing an unnamed US official, that the Biden administration would work with its allies and be an intermediary to the transfer of Soviet-era tanks, which the Ukrainian military know how to operate. The tanks will enable the Ukrainian forces to carry out long-range artillery strikes against Russia, a capability that they had been severely lacking until now.

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The official further told the publication that the transfer of the tanks would start soon, but did not give a date. CNN, however, also cited an unnamed US official, who said that the Soviet-made T-72 tanks would be delivered to Ukraine “within days, not weeks,” from the US’ NATO partners.

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The move comes after Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky pleaded with Western nations to supply Ukraine with military equipment, including tanks. However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that it would be “very difficult” to directly supply Ukraine with tanks and aircraft, and added that NATO and the G7 countries felt “agony” at their inability to help Ukraine more directly.

The transfer, if it materialises, would mark the first time that the US has transferred tanks to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24.

The US, as part of President Joe Biden’s $800 million security assistance package, has already greenlit the direct transfer anti-tank Javelin missiles and anti-aircraft Stinger missiles to help the defending forces against Russian armoured vehicles and aircraft. US officials have also said that the shipments have started to arrive in Ukraine.