Alex Dacy, also known as Wheelchair Rapunzel, is 29 years old. She has a rare, genetic disability called spinal muscular atrophy, which causes muscle loss. She is a voice for the things she is passionate about, which include disability representation, disabled body compassion, and equality.

Who is Alex Dacy?

Under the name ‘Wheelchair Rapunzel,’ Alex has become an online advocate for disabled-body positivity, often Instagramming ‘risqué’ photos of herself in her underwear to break the stigmas.

“There is a body positivity movement happening today and it’s so important for people with disabilities to be represented in this movement. People with disabilities can feel sexy in their bodies and we do,” she had told her fans. Alex was born with type 2 SMA, which meant she was never able to walk, and when she was first diagnosed, the doctors only gave her two years to live.

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Wheelchair Rapunzel was also trolled and hated on social media for her opinion on how many google doc on Reddit was dedicated to dropping her from work-related opportunities.

“It’s time I bring this to light because it’s gone too far and is starting to cause mental health issues, anxiety, depression, and loss of income due to untrue or skewed perceptions of my media presence/content. Not only that but defamatory statements about me and people I’m affiliated with that are effecting my career… because of a Reddit page with 5,400+ members,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

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She also addresses how she is losing massive income because of the Reddit page, she explained in her Instagram caption. “And I am ready to finally take action. This page is not a ‘snark’ page or a page to hold me accountable. It is a page full of hate, illegal activity, and cyber bullying. This all started because I was friends with someone who was accused of s**ual assault which I wasn’t aware of until months after knowing him & the way I reacted to it made it appear to some that I was defending him.”