United States’ NASA and the European Space Agency announced a partnership on Tuesday, which will include a joint effort to address the issue of climate change and form a global response towards it.

The teaming up of the space agencies was sealed after NASA’s top representative and

signed a statement of intent along with the Director General of the European Space Agency, Josef Aschbacher. 

While announcing the partnership of the space agencies, The European Space Agency clarified in a statement that the effort aims to “ensure that data from Earth-observing satellites are used to their best advantage, further science and, ultimately, bring the most benefit to humankind”, according to reports from AFP.

The statement further added that the partnership would intend to pave the way for a global response to the rising problem of climate change and will use methods of monitoring the environment of our planet with both space agencies pitching in with their observations, applications and research, according to reports from AFP.

NASA chief, who also co-signed the statement of intent, highlighted the urgency of the situation and labelled it as an “all hands on deck” moment. 

He added that, “NASA and European Space Agency are leading the way in space, building an unprecedented strategic partnership in Earth science”, according to reports from AFP.

This will not be the first time the European Space Agency and United States’ NASA will be partnering up to address the worrying challenge of climate change.

Previously, the space agencies teamed up to work on the ‘Copernicus Sentinel 6 project’, which was reportedly around the size of a minivan.

The satellite was sent skywards in an attempt to keep track of sea level rise and report on changing climatic conditions that engage a threat on to millions of people, according to reports from AFP.