Andrew Funk was on fire against the Texas A&M Aggies on Thursday. The Bucknell University graduate slammed as many as seven three-pointers through the first minutes of the second half.

His three-point show was compared to that of Stephen Curry’s. The Golden State Warriors star is known for taking long shots for fun. Funk inspired the Nittany Lions to a 76-59 win over Texas. He went 8-of-10 from beyond the arc, a career-high and finished the game as leading scorer – with a season-high 27 points.

“Pretty sure Andrew Funk could turn water into wine at this point…” a Twitter user said.

“Andrew Funk…this is just a ridiculous level of confidence as a shooter,” another one added.

“People will remember where they were the night Andrew Funk became Steph Curry,” a Twitter user said.

Andrew Funk is known for his ability to score three-pointers consistently. He has found the bottom of the net on over 40% of his long shots. The stats take him 30th in the US. During his time in Bucknell, he hit 190 threes.

Penn State have now won their ninth game in their last 11 games. They play Texas in the second round of the Midwest Region on Saturday.

For A&Ms, Dexter Dennis led the show with 19 points against his name. Funk was 0 for 5 on 3s in the Big Ten championship game last weekend. However, he bounced back to make his first attempt vs the Aggies. He missed the second before hitting six in a row. His streak ended when Funk wanted took a desperate shot with the clock running out.

Jalen Pickett finished the game with 19 points, eight assists, no turnovers and seven rebounds.