Becoming the second state to approve such a restriction this year, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed Thursday a law banning transgender women and girls from competing in school sports teams consistent with their gender identity.

Despite outrage from medical and child-welfare groups, the Republican governor approved the anti-transgender legislation, which could arguably have devastating impacts.  

Hundreds of college athletes have also urged the NCAA to refuse to hold championships in states that enact such bans.

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“This law simply says that female athletes should not have to compete in a sport against a student of the male sex when the sport is designed for women’s competition,” Hutchinson said in a statement released by his office.

“As I have stated previously, I agree with the intention of this law. This will help promote and maintain fairness in women’s sporting events.”

Already in at least 20 state legislatures the GOP has pushed for similar bans this year. Mississippi’s governor signed a prohibition into law earlier this month.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem had initially said she would sign similar legislation sent to her but has since pushed for changing it to exclude college sports.

Arkansas’ law covers K-12 as well as collegiate sports.

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Only one state, Idaho, has enacted a law curtailing transgender students’ sports participation, and that 2020 measure is blocked by a court ruling as a lawsuit plays out.

Arkansas’ law, if it isn’t blocked by a legal challenge, would take effect this summer. Under the new law, a student or school who suffers “direct or indirect harm” could take a school to court for violating the ban.