marks the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th
Sikh Guru of Sikhism.

Also known as the
Prakash Parv, the occasion falls annually in the months of December or January.
Sikh devotees offer prayers in Gurudwaras and remember the teachings of the
Sikh Guru.

This year, the birth anniversary of the spiritual leader falls on
January 9, 2022. According to religious calendars, the occasion began at 10:42
am on January 8, 2022, and will end on January 9, 2022, at 11:08 pm.

Born on Paush Shukla Saptami as Gobind Rai, Guru Gobind Singh was a
warrior, philosopher, poet and the tenth guru of the Sikhs, succeeding Guru Tegh

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Being merely 9 years old in age, Guru Gobind Singh took over as a
Sikh leader after his father, Guru Tegh Bahadur was assassinated by Mughal
emperor Aurangzeb, after his refusal to convert to Islamic faith.

Being the last Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh soon became widely known
for his teachings and ideologies. The leader institutionalised the Sikh community
known as Khalsa, in order to preserve and protect Sikhism as a faith, in the
years to come.

Right before his death in the year 1708, the Sikh leader declared Guru
Granth Sahib as the holy scripture for the Sikhs.

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 Despite the attempts of
subjugation by the Mughals, Guru Gobind Singh fought till the very end,
along with the Khalsa. His poetic work and philosophies continue to inspire
many, even those outside the Sikh community.

On the occasion of his birth anniversary, Sikhs all around the world offer
prayers and visit Gurudwaras, and often hold prayer meetings to honour the Guru.
Many Sikhs participate actively in religious processions and do ‘seva’ at
Gurudwaras. Seva, or service, refers to the common Sikh practice of helping in
Gurudwaras when meals are served. The service includes serving meals, washing dishes, helping in Gurudwara related tasks, and more.