Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya was promoted to No 5 in the T20 World Cup 2022 semi-final against England at
the Adelaide Oval on Thursday. Hardik Pandya is considered one of India’s most
fashionable players and he loves getting tattoos all over his body. His
charisma is further enhanced by his cool body art.

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1. Believe Tattoo

Hardik Pandya has inked ‘Belief’ on his left arm.  This
tattoo provides Hardik the confidence that he can handle any circumstance, both
on the field and off. He comes from a middle-class Gujarati family in Baroda,
and this tattoo represents the hardships he has faced.

2. Never Give Up Tattoo

Hardik Pandya has another tattoo on the side of his right arm.
The tattoo portrays a warrior holding a sword. Just underneath the image is the
phrase “never give up.” He gets his inspiration for his “never
say die” attitude from this one.

3. Tiger Tattoo

This tattoo on his left arm with the image of a tiger is his
favorite tattoo. It gives him the bravery and strength to rule the world like a

4. “Live To Succeed Or Die Trying” Tattoo

Hardik Pandya has this phrase tattooed “Live to succeed or
die trying” on the biceps of his left arm. This tattoo is a reminder to
never give up and to always strive for our hardest days. 

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5. Paw Tattoo

Since Hardik Pandya adores dogs, he paid homage to
them with this tattoo. On the right side of his neck, he has an ink tattoo of
their paws. Additionally, two of them bear the initials (A, B) of his two dogs,
Ashton and Bentley Pandya.

6. Peace Symbol on Neck 

This tattoo symbolizes peace and serenity in his life. 

7. Time-Defining Clock Tattoo

This clock tattoo inked on his left forearm bears the time of his

8. Tattoo on Right Forearm

Hardik Pandya has an abstract tattoo printed on his right forearm.
The significance and meaning of the tattoo is unclear.