Ja Morant posted a set of four cryptic stories with a ‘bye’ message sparking retirement speculations. The Memphis Grizzlies star is being criticized for flashing a gun during an Instagram live. 

Morant posted a series of odd Instagram stories, expressing his love for his mother, father, and daughter. They have now all been erased, leaving many fans concerned about the player’s well being.

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He concluded the streak of posts with a scenario in which he just says ‘bye,’ while holding an NBA microphone in front of him.

This is a rather vague message, and it’s unknown what’s going on with Morant at the moment. That last remark could indicate that he is leaving the NBA or social media. It might be his way of concluding the series of posts, or it could be something more serious.

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After displaying a gun on Instagram Live for the second time in two months, Morant has come under fire in recent weeks. The player acknowledged that he had already received punishment for his actions, but he resolved to behave better moving forward.

He made it plain that he would behave better on and off the court after failing to lead his Memphis Grizzlies to the NBA Finals this season. He appeared in another contentious scene a few weeks later, and it’s unknown what’s going on with him at the present.

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While awaiting the NBA’s ultimate verdict on this matter, the Grizzlies suspended him from all team activities. Even though Morant issued an apology for this episode after the initial crisis, his efforts to rebuild trust have failed.