During the NBA Finals broadcasts, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson have been accustomed to making some comments that fans have found peculiar. The commentary has evolved to the point that it has become a meme among the fans.

However, following Sunday’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Van Gundy felt compelled to criticize his longstanding enemy, hugs. Simply put, the man detests basketball players hugging one another.

After Heat forward Kevin Love missed a wide-open Gabe Vincent in the first half, Love caught up with Vincent to apologize. And as a show of support, Love shared a hug with Vincent. It could have been seen as a cool display of leadership and togetherness, but not for Van Gundy. He went on a rant to criticize the hug.

This isn’t the first time Van Gundy has taken issue with hugs either. Back in 2018, he said that there aren’t true rivalries in the NBA anymore because players are so quick to exchange jerseys and hug each other after games.

“I wish there was a little bit more contact because I think contact would bring more conflict. What we’re missing is conflict. People exchanging jerseys after games, the unending hugs. It’s hard to find a true, nasty rivalry,” he had said back then.

NBA fans mocked how vocally anti-hug Van Gundy was in Game 2. “I think we know which Van Gundy was hugged more growing up,” a fan wrote.

“Kinda classless of Van Gundy for making fun of K Love for giving Gabe Vincent a hug to motivate him ngl,” another person said.

A Twitter user wrote, “the simplest human emotions anger Jeff van Gundy. he just got angry at two teammates hugging a misunderstanding out. he’s like a hyper literal alien who crash landed here and has to endure our strange human culture because he likes basketball too much to leave”

Twitter public shared some hilarious memes making light of the situation