Thursday night’s clash between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens took a toll on both teams, with injuries casting a shadow over the game. The Bengals’ star quarterback, Joe Burrow, joined the list of casualties as he went into the medical tent for an examination of his throwing hand.

Joe Burrow Injury Update

The situation unfolded with Burrow visibly favoring his hand during Cincinnati’s drive. A hard tackle in the preceding play raised concerns about the quarterback’s well-being, particularly his throwing hand. The medical team promptly ushered him into the blue medical tent for evaluation.

The initial update revealed that Burrow is questionable to return and has been diagnosed with a right wrist injury. Attempts to test the arm, wrist, and hand showed difficulties, leading to visible frustration from Burrow. Consequently, he headed to the locker room for further evaluation, unable to throw accurately.

Update- Burrows was ruled out of the game.

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Backup quarterback Jake Browning stands ready to take over if Burrow is unable to make a return to the game. The uncertainty surrounding Burrow’s status adds an additional layer of suspense to the matchup.

Fans and football enthusiasts are closely monitoring developments, especially given Burrow’s pivotal role in the Bengals’ offensive strategies. The video footage circulating on social media illustrates the evident struggle with Burrow’s grip, emphasizing the potential impact of the injury on his throwing ability.