Former Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president, Luis Rubiales, has received a three-year ban from all football-related activities by FIFA. This severe punishment stems from a controversial incident during the Women’s World Cup final presentation ceremony. Following Spain’s victory over England in August, Rubiales kissed the Spanish footballer Jenni Hermosos on the lips, causing a significant stir in the football world. Initially, Rubiales attempted to continue in his role, but he ultimately resigned last month, leading to this disciplinary action under Article 13 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code.

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In a statement, FIFA declared, “The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has imposed a three-year ban on Luis Rubiales, the former president of the Spanish Football Association (RFEF), prohibiting his involvement in football-related activities at both national and international levels. This decision is based on Rubiales’ violation of Article 13 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code.”

This case revolves around the incidents that transpired during the FIFA Women’s World Cup final on August 20, 2023. Initially, Rubiales faced a provisional 90-day suspension, which has now culminated in this extended ban. FIFA has officially communicated the terms of this decision to Mr. Rubiales, affording him a 10-day window to request a motivated decision, which, if sought, will subsequently be made public on It is essential to note that the decision remains subject to potential appeal before the FIFA Appeal Committee.

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FIFA underlined its unwavering commitment to preserving and upholding the integrity of all individuals and ensuring that fundamental principles of decent conduct are maintained. This decision serves as a clear example of FIFA’s dedication to safeguarding the sport’s reputation and maintaining the highest standards of ethics and behavior within the football community.