Unfortunate news struck the Brazilian national football team during their 2026 World Cup qualifier match against Uruguay as Neymar Jr., their star goal scorer, was forced to exit the field on a cart.

The distressing incident occurred when Neymar Jr. fell to the ground, clutching his leg, following an awkward movement while contesting a ball just before halftime. As he was being carted off the field, emotions ran high, and he could be seen in tears on his way to the locker room.

As of now, the full extent and specific location of his injury remain uncertain, causing concern and uncertainty among both fans and the Brazilian team.

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Adding to the disappointment, Neymar Jr. had already arrived in Saudi Arabia with an existing injury and had only recently returned to the field a few weeks prior to this match. This call-up to the national team marked his return after an absence since the spring. Given his history of injuries, the situation raises significant doubts about when he might be fit to play again.

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At the time of Neymar’s injury, Brazil was trailing Uruguay 1-0 as they reached halftime. The setback not only affected the team’s performance but also left a shadow of concern over Neymar Jr.’s future and his ability to contribute to the Brazilian squad in upcoming matches.