Romelu Lukaku, the star striker for Inter Milan, faced online trolling and criticism after failing to score a crucial goal against Manchester City in the Champions League final.

Twitter users wasted no time sharing their reactions and opinions on Lukaku’s performance during the match. Despite his overall success throughout the season, this particular miss drew significant attention and sparked a flurry of comments and memes.

This sarcastic comment humorously suggests that Lukaku’s poor performance might have led to his arrest, adding a touch of irony to the situation. It reflects the disappointment and frustration expressed by some fans.

Making reference to Romelu Lukaku’s connection with American rapper Megan Thee Stallion at a recent wedding, this tweet playfully suggests that he may have misunderstood the nature of the Champions League final as a best-of-seven series, rather than a single decisive match.

This critical comment highlights Lukaku’s perceived failures during the match, including missed opportunities and a lack of impact on the game. It reflects frustration and disappointment from a frustrated fan.

Romelu Lukaku faced online trolling and criticism for his missed goal in the Champions League final. Twitter users took the opportunity to share their reactions, ranging from sarcastic remarks to more serious criticisms of his performance.

Despite the trolling, Lukaku’s overall impact throughout the season should not be overlooked, as he has been instrumental in Inter Milan’s success.