Super Bowl 2024 was interrupted by a streaker who managed to bypass security and make their way onto the field. The incident, which occurred midway through the third quarter, caused a brief stoppage of play as security personnel worked to apprehend the individual.

According to eyewitnesses, the streaker, whose identity has yet to be disclosed, darted from one of the stadium’s tunnels and onto the field, wearing minimal clothing and displaying messages painted on their body. The messages appeared to be a mix of humorous and political statements, although the full details of what was written have not been made public.

Security at the stadium quickly responded to the situation, with multiple officers chasing down the intruder in a scene that drew mixed reactions from the crowd. Some fans were amused by the interruption, while others expressed concern over the security breach and its implications for attendee safety.

The individual was eventually tackled to the ground and escorted off the field by security, allowing the game to resume after a short delay. Law enforcement officials have stated that the streaker is facing several charges, including trespassing and public indecency, though further legal actions could be considered pending a full investigation.