Taylor Swift made a festive return to Arrowhead Stadium to support Travis Kelce, but this time, there was a special addition to the scene—it’s Christmas, and her mother, Andrea Swift, joined her for the first time. The duo was spotted cruising through the stadium ahead of kickoff, Taylor in the back and Andrea in the front passenger seat of a private golf cart. Waving at onlookers like they were in a parade, the Swifts added a touch of holiday spirit, with even Santa making an appearance.

This marks a unique occasion as Andrea has not been seen at any of Travis Kelce’s games with Taylor before. Taylor’s father, Scott, has been spotted a few times, but Andrea’s presence at such events has been limited. The context of Taylor’s parents being divorced adds a layer of complexity to their joint appearances. However, on this Christmas day, they seem to be presenting a united front in front of the cameras, with Scott also reported to be in attendance.

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Today’s game marks the eighth one Taylor has attended to support Travis Kelce, continuing a pattern throughout the season. With Taylor currently on a break from her professional commitments until February, she has been dedicating time to be with Travis, including celebrating the holidays together. The couple’s appearances at games have become memorable moments, showcasing Taylor’s enthusiasm as she immerses herself in the sporting spirit. As Taylor takes a hiatus from the stage, these shared moments at the football games contribute to the couple’s quality time together.