New York Giants, who are in Philadephia to face the Eagles in the NFL AFC divisional playoff match on Saturday, had no water in their hotel for a few hours due to a ‘busted pipe’, according to the New York Daily, a New York-based news outlet. 

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The news was conveyed to the outlet by an unnamed source.

A few hours later, the same source reported that the water in the hotel was back on, ahead of the important NFL playoff match.

Former Giants player Carl Banks thought that the matter was not merely a coincidence, but rather an indication of the Philadelphia Eagles taking them seriously in the playoff game.

“Welp, we now know they take the @giants seriously AGAIN!.. No water in the Hotel 🤣.. They’ve dusted off the old tricks manual. Fandom brings out the craziness..,” he wrote on Twitter. 

Sports journalist Mike Gunzelman, writing in Outkick, noted that the water running out just before the playoff game seemed “a little too coincidental”. 

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“I’m not saying it sounds suspicious…,” he said, adding “but of all times and all hotels to suddenly not have running water the day the Giants are supposed to play the Eagles.. seems a little too coincidental.”

Was it a deliberate attempt to frustrate the Giants by delaying showers and making it difficult for them to play the game? 

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Speculations among the fans are likely to continue, and if the Eagles eke out a win today, which seems unlikely given their current form, it might as well become an Eagles myth.