The owner of Millwall FC, John Berylson, died in a tragic accident on Tuesday, as confirmed by the club in a statement.

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The statement read, “It is with a collective broken heart and the deepest of regret that we announce the passing of our beloved owner and chairman, John Berylson. John, who turned 70 last month, lost his life in a tragic accident on Tuesday morning, and the thoughts of everyone at the club are with his wife, Amy, his three children, Jennifer, James, and Elizabeth, and the rest of the Berylson family.”

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John Berylson was married to Amy Smith.

Who is Amy Smith?

Amy Smith was the wife of John Berylson. The couple had three children, Jennifer, James, and Elizabeth. The couple had three children, Jennifer, James, and Elizabeth. John Berylson, known for his active philanthropy, along with his wife Amy, directed their charitable efforts through the Amy Smith and John G. Berylson Foundation. Their focus was primarily on supporting education and philanthropic initiatives in Boston through the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation.

Berylson’s tragic death has shocked the football fraternity. He was widely known for his generosity and charisma. John Berylson’s career was varied and spanned a number of sectors, including banking and investing. He played a vital role in Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC’s successes as the company’s founder.

Berylson also held the position of chairman of Millwall FC, where he was instrumental in leading the team to promotion to the Championship and maintaining its competitiveness moving forward.

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John Berylson’s tenure as the leader of Millwall FC was marked by remarkable success and unwavering stability. He gained a particular place in the hearts of the fan base thanks to his unshakable commitment to the club’s “underdog” reputation and his sincere concern for the followers. Through the club’s successes and the long-lasting contribution he made to Millwall’s illustrious past, Berylson’s legacy will live on.