Olympic gold medalist figure skater Tara Lipinski, aged 41, has joyfully welcomed her daughter, named Georgie Winter, into the world with her husband, Todd Kapostasy. This momentous announcement was made on the TODAY show.

Who is Georgie Winter?

Tara Lipinski shared her exciting news with TODAY contributing correspondent Kaylee Hartung, stating, “I have really incredible news to share! Todd and I have a baby girl, Georgie Winter, that arrived into our arms by the most beautiful surrogate.”

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Lipinski’s path to motherhood was marked by challenges as she grappled with infertility for several years. She was present in the delivery room when her beloved daughter was born. She described the profound emotions of that moment, recalling, “My doctor had me playing my favorite song, and I’m bawling because I think there was just so much relief of, ‘Is this five-year journey over?’ And then immediately, the baby is out, screaming, and on my chest, and we’re doing skin-to-skin, and it was one of those moments like, ‘How did my life just change so quickly and is this a dream? Because it feels like it.'”

In their podcast, “Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting,” Lipinski and Kapostasy candidly share their experiences with pregnancy challenges. Their journey involved multiple rounds of IVF, enduring four miscarriages, and the diagnosis of endometriosis, a condition in which uterine cells grow in other parts of the body, making conception difficult.

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As a figure skating analyst for NBC Sports Group, Lipinski expressed immense gratitude for the arrival of their first child, saying, “I feel so much gratitude — it just didn’t happen for so long — and we’re just very, very lucky that this happened for us.” Despite her joy, she remains mindful of others still battling infertility and carries a sense of responsibility toward them.

Through their video podcast on infertility, Lipinski and Todd not only deepened their connection as a couple but also found solace in a newfound community. Lipinski said, “Not only do I feel more bonded to Todd, and we’ve had these conversations that I think we would have never had, but I also have now connected with this entire