Jared Schmeck faced criticism on social
media after he told US President Joe Biden “Let’s Go Brandon” during
the customary annual White House NORAD Santa-tracking phone call on Friday. Schmeck
used the anti-Biden phrase in the final seconds of the call.

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The 35-year-old father of four from Oregon
works for an electric company. He was previously working as a Medford police
officer for six years until he resigned in July 2018. He currently lives in Central Point. He previously lived in other parts of Oregon including Klamath Falls. He also previously lived in Yonkers, New York, USA.

Schmeck graduated from Mazama High School in Klamath Falls. In April 2012, he joined the Medford Police Department in Medford, Oregon as a police officer.

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In January 2018, he joined Winema Electric as an office administrator after resigning from the Medford Police Department. In the same year, he registered as a voter in Oregon. In 2021, he, his father and two other Winema Electric employees placed second in the 2021 Southern Oregon Golf Tournament at the Running Y Ranch Resort in Klamath Falls.

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During Friday’s call when Jill Biden replied with a “Thank
you”, the caller suddenly replied, “Let’s Go Brandon.” As Jill
appeared to be slightly awkward, Biden stepped in to answer, “Let’s Go
Brandon, I agree.”

Later, as Schmeck faced severe social media
backlash, speaking to The Oregonian, Schmeck said that he didn’t mean to
disrespect Biden or the couple during the Christmas call.

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“At the end of the day, I have nothing
against Mr Biden, but I am frustrated because I think he can be doing a better
job. I mean no disrespect to him,” he said.

Later, Schmeck’s posted the video of the
call on his YouTube channel. “We talked to President Joe Biden on
Christmas Eve! #letsgobrandon” he detailed the video.

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Schmeck’s parting words to the US President
did not go well with several people who lashed out at the dad of four for being
offensive. “I refuse to believe we are this indecent as people. Not on
Christmas Eve. And not to a person who lost his wife and daughter at
Christmastime. We are better than this. Be kind and #Merry Christmas,” the
Republican representative of California Eric Swalwell tweeted.

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“#jaredschmeck directly and willfully
disrespected the President, then said he “didn’t mean any
disrespect”. Way to teach your kids how to not take responsibility for
your actions. Then he invoked his faith #Christians and their family values,”
wrote another user.