WWE has terminated the contracts of multiple individuals since their merger with UFC, forming TKO Group Holdings. The possibility of additional releases remains uncertain due to circulating rumors of impending cuts. However, today marked the release of McKenzie Mitchell.

McKenzie Mitchell, a familiar on-screen personality for WWE across multiple media platforms and NXT, revealed her departure from the company. Despite this development, Mitchell shared positive sentiments, expressing only favorable thoughts.

In her announcement, Mitchell also recounted how her journey in WWE led to her meeting her husband, Vic Joseph. Despite the current transition, she remains optimistic, viewing the closed door as an opportunity for another to open.

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Who is McKenzie Mitchell?

McKenzie Mitchell gained recognition for her contributions to the wrestling industry, particularly her role as a backstage interviewer and host for various wrestling promotions. She became a familiar face to wrestling fans, providing backstage insights, conducting interviews with wrestlers, and hosting segments that added depth to the viewing experience.

Mitchell’s career in the wrestling industry has seen her working with major promotions, and her on-screen presence has been well-received by audiences. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and rapport with the wrestling talent contributed to her popularity in the field.

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Before her involvement in professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell had experience in the entertainment industry. She transitioned into the wrestling world seamlessly, bringing her skills as a host and interviewer to the dynamic and energetic environment of live wrestling events.