Montse Tomé, a former midfielder who was Jorge Vilda’s assistant coach, will be replacing him as the head coach of Spain’s women’s football team. Tomé was one of the members of Vilda’s staff who resigned in protest last month to show her disgust with Rubiales. Now, Spain’s national women’s football team will have its its first female head coach.

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Jorge Vilda has been removed from the post of head coach of Spain’s national women’s football team; the Spanish football federation has informed him that he’s out. It’s unclear how much of a severance he’ll receive: He had a year left on his contract and Rubiales verbally renewed it 10 days ago.

The decision is a result of a significant upheaval in Spanish football that began when Rubiales, the RFEF’s president, forcibly kissed forward Jennifer Hermoso on 20 August.

Hermoso disputed Rubiales’ allegation that the kiss was “mutual” and said she wasn’t treated with respect. Rubiales has now apologised for his behaviour. FIFA, the world governing body of football, has suspended him for 90 days while disciplinary actions are being taken.

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Who is Montse Tomé?

Montserrat “Montse” Tomé Vázquez, born on May 11, 1982, is a retired Spanish football midfielder with a notable career in Spain’s Segunda División and Primera División. Her most recent playing stint was with Oviedo Moderno. Additionally, she has represented prominent clubs such as Levante UD and FC Barcelona, achieving championship victories with both teams.

Tomé, who previously attained the status of U-19 Euro runner-up, also contributed to the senior national team during the 2005 Euro qualification matches.

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On September 5, 2023, a significant announcement was made in the world of Spanish women’s football. Following the departure of Jorge Vilda, Montse Tomé, who had previously served as an assistant manager under Vilda during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, was unveiled as the new head coach of the Spanish women’s national football team. This appointment has marked a pivotal moment in her career, stepping into a leadership role for her nation’s football team and potentially shaping the future of women’s football in Spain.