Eddie Mayerik’s father, Nick Mayerik, shared the news of Eddie’s passing on social media on Thursday. Eddie, an 8-year-old boy, was popularly known as Eddie’s Infantry and served as an inspiration to innumerable Buffalo Bills supporters.

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Nick shared the news via a tweet. He said, “Eddie isn’t suffering anymore. He’s left the physical world. But his love and spirit will live on forever bc he was such a force. Such a light. I’m so broken. I love you all. Thank You for ALWAYS being there. #Eddiesinfantryforever”

Who is Nick Mayerik?

Nick Mayerik was the single father of Eddie Mayerik. Nick is a former NAIA football player and coach who trains adults to push themselves to reach peak shapes.

Nick’s son Eddie Mayerik was a passionate Buffalo Bills supporter and had serious health issues from a young age. He was born with two heart valve defects and nearly had no pulmonary artery, which in a healthy person carries blood to the lungs to deliver oxygen to the rest of the body. He had 8 open heart surgeries with the last surgery lasting 27 hours and many close calls.

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Nick often shared videos on social media that showed the wins and struggles they overcame together while showcasing his son’s brave journey. Several others were motivated and inspired by Eddie’s contagious smile, unwavering determination, and extraordinary optimism in the face of hardship.

Several Twitter users condoled the tragic death of Eddie and extended support to Nick. One user wrote, “@NickMayerik I’m so sorry on the loss of Eddie, he was a inspiration and joy to everyone. You’re a awesome Dad and I’m glad your shared Eddie’s story with everyone. He’s watching over all of us now #GoBills #EddieStrong #BillsMafia”

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“this is terrible news. I have been following your story for a while now and I know eddie has touched thousands. he was such a light and he will continue to shine where he is needed. uplifting vibes for you and the rest of your family #EddieStrong  #BillsMafia”, another user tweeted.