Certain section of fans at the qualifying of the British GP, on Saturday, booed reigning world champion Max Verstappen. The Red Bull driver will start the race behind Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, who earned his first F1 pole. 

Verstappen currently leads the driver charts with 175 points. His teammate Sergio Perez is second with 129. The Dutch driver has so far won in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Miami, Spain, Azerbaijan and Canada

After the qualifying on Saturday, Max Verstappen said he was disappointed to be jeered by the fans. They kept booing him even when he was interviewed by Billy Monger. 

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“It was a bit disappointing because I couldn’t really understand Billy. If they want to boo, they do it. I’m always happy to be here, it’s a great track, and a great atmosphere in general. Maybe some of them don’t like me, they’re all entitled to their own opinions. I don’t care,” Verstappen joked after the session.

It seems Verstappen’s world title last year did not sit well with the British fans. He defeated Lewis Hamilton, of the UK, in a controversial decider in Abu Dhabi. The Mercedes driver was denied his eighth world title and his home fans took it out on Verstappen. 

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Max Verstappen had won in Silverstone last year. In fact, the iconic Verstappen-Hamilton rivarly last season started at the track when the two crashed. 

Both of them have come a long way since and Hamilton called on fans to stop booing the Red Bull driver. The home boy starts fifth on Sunday. 

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“I think we’re better than that. I would say we don’t need to do booing. We’ve got such great fans. Our sporting fans, they feel emotions up and down. But I don’t I definitely don’t agree with booing. I don’t think we need to do that. We should be here, pushing everybody. I really do appreciate the support that I have here. Maybe some of them are feeling the pain from last year still. Either way, I appreciate it,” Hamilton said.