Google announced the release of a newer Android OS, Android
12, on Sunday. Google describes the update to be the biggest change in the history of

will it be released?

Google has released a beta version of Android 12 with a list
of devices that support it. It will be up to the manufacturers of the respective phone company’s when do they want to bring Android 12.

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New Features:

Google announced Material You, a new Material Design language
for Android 12, which completely changes the UI across operating system. It
brings more rounded buttons, new colors and smoother motion and animations. The
system automatically pick the dominant color and apply it to the system
including the notification shade, the lock screen, and volume controls.

It consists of a built-in remote that can help you control
Android TV or Chromecast.

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It comes with a new feature called Car Key allows you to unlock
your car with your phone. This will allow you to unlock, lock and even start
the engine from your smartphone.

The new system will support a new picture format AVIF. It is
a similar compression to JPEG but at a better quality.