To honour their expansion of digital NFTs to 100 more countries, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Instagram to show off a Little League Baseball card of that he had made in 1992. 30 years later, the physical copy of the card, along with its digitised NFT version, will be going on sale soon as Zuckerberg pushes his companies to expand into the metaverse. 

Zuckerberg had made the card, which boasts his .920 batting average, for his favourite camp counsellor Allie Tarantino, asked him to sign it, which, like a real baseball player, he did. Metropolis Comic Collect is currently holding on to the original copy and will be organising its sale.

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was one of my campers and one day he came in with this card and gave it
to me — I was stunned that he was on it! I had never seen a Little
League baseball card before, so I asked him to sign it for me. I never
could have guessed what amazing things he would do!” said Tarantino, according to the Instagram page of Metropolis Comic Collect.

While Meta has jumped into the NFT market pretty late, it will likely get its product to market well before other heavy hitters in the industry like Reddit and Twitter

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Meta’s two main properties, Facebook and Instagram, haven’t been doing so well. Facebook recently reported its first-ever decline in revenue in the second quarter. On the Instagram front, the company has been pushing its short-form video content Reels very hard, to strong opposition from users.

Earlier this month, it had trialed a full-screen video only interface with some users to overwhelming criticism. Even Instagram power users like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian piled on. Eventually, Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri in a conversation with tech journalist Casey Newton said that they would put a pause on the TikTok-like features because “people are frustrated and the usage data isn’t great.”