Microsoft 365 services, including and Microsoft Teams suffered an outage on Monday after the tech giant introduced a major change. Microsoft Corp admitted that the glitch affected multiple Microsoft 365 services and added that it did not “observe an increase in successful connections” even after it rolled back the changes.

“We’ve identified a recent change that appears to be the source of the issue. We’re rolling back the change to mitigate impact. Please follow for updates on this issue if you are unable to access the admin portal,” Microsoft tweeted from its status handle.

“We’ve rolled back the change that is likely the source of impact and are monitoring the environment to validate that service is recovering. Please visit for additional information on this issue,” it added.

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While Microsoft didn’t inform how many users were impacted by the outage, several people complained regarding it on Twitter. Microsoft said they were probing the cause which led to the issue. 

The company later said, “The majority of services are now recovered for most users. We’re closely monitoring some residual impact for a subset customers located within North America.”