Hours after Twitch streamer Azalialexi accused OTK co-founder Rich Cambell of sexually assaulting her when they were in a relationship, he resigned from the content-creating network on Friday.

Campbell responded to the allegations and revealed he had resigned from his position within One True Kings via a tweet: “I have read the statements made against me today. I will share my side of the story, but need some time to collect my thoughts,” he said. “OTK has requested that I resign from my position, and I have agreed. I will make an update soon.”

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It all unfolded on December 16, Friday, when Azalialexi revealed on Twitter details about the alleged incident that led her to make the accusations against Campbell. In the post, she revealed that for four years she had a “very up and down” friendship with Campbell and that their physical relationship started back in 2019.

She accused him of treating her like nothing more than a “sexual object” and gaslighting her time and again when she would approach him regarding that. Then in June 2021, she found out that he had been dating someone else for a long period of time and she stopped speaking to him. After that, she claimed Campbell tried to apologize to him and mend his ways but kept trying to be physically intimate with her — advances that she rebuffed. 

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Finally, they met in New York after he invited her to see a movie in his building. After the movie, he urged her to stay the night at his apartment, which she reluctantly agreed to. Azalialexi said that despite her protests, he masturbated in front of her and kept trying to take her clothes off. Finally, he ended up having unprotected sex with her after telling her repeatedly that he fantasized about getting her pregnant. 

At 3 a.m., with nowhere else to go, she left Campbell’s apartment to spend the night in a cheap China Town hotel. 

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Shortly after Rich announced he had resigned, OTK put out the following statement:

“Today we learned of troubling allegations made against one of our founders, Rich Campbell. Rich has resigned from OTK immediately,” they said. “OTK stands firmly against sexual harassment and assault and is committed to upholding its core values. We’d like to thank our community for the continuous support and share your disappointment.”