Call of Duty video game fans are furious after the fan game called SM2 was shut down permanently, following a cease-and-desist order from Activision.

The game was based on the Modern Warfare 2 (2009) engine and was being developed by a small group of developers. However, for reasons that were not explained in the announcement, the game was shut down by Activision. Before the plug was pulled on the game, it was originally intended to be a mashup of all the previous Call of Duty titles. It was switched to the base game for CoD Modern Warfare Remastered. It was also meant to be released for free. 

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“Today, a team member received a cease and desist letter on behalf of Activision Publishing in relation to the SM2 project,” the statement which has gone viral on social media said. “We are complying with this order and shutting down all operations permanently. Thank you all for your support over the past two years.”

Naturally, fans who were waiting for SM2 to be released were heavily disappointed by the fact that the company stopped developing the game. Here are a few reactions from the fans on Twitter:

SM2 was meant to allow players to use weapons, maps, and abilities from across several CoD titles, in one free-to-play FPS game.

Initially, its developers had planned to use a legitimately-owned copy of the original Modern Warfare 2 for players who wanted to play the game. However, the game soon switched to the engine that powers the Call of Duty Modern Warfare remaster from 2016.

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The game’s official website now redirects to the statement regarding its permanent closure.