.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Pro-Trump protesters clash with police as they storm the US Capitol. (Photo credit: AFP)

  • Andrew Taake has been prosecuted for attacking police and storming the Capitol
  • His arrest came after months-long investigation that was sparked by a tip-off
  • Taake appeared in court for the first time on Friday in the Southern District of Texas

Unauthorized public gatherings are illegal in Cuba and protests are rare. (Photo credit: Representational image/Unsplash)

  • Dozens of people have been held after joining unprecedented anti-government protests
  • Thousands of people took to the street on July 11, chanting "Freedom!" and "Down with the dictatorship!"
  • UN human rights claim that individuals were being held incommunicado

.Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
The Mumbai police has detained him in connection with a case involving pornographic videos. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@rajkundra9)

  • Raj Kundra is an Indian-British entrepreneur
  • Since 2009, he has been married to Shilpa Shetty, a Bollywood actor
  • Kundra was detained today, according to a statement issued by the Mumbai Police Chief

.Denver, CO, USA
The arrests were made on Friday. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Pixabay)

  • The arrests were made in Downton Denver at Maven Hotel
  • Investigative authorities say there is no connection between the MLB event and the arrests, so far
  • The MLB All-Stars game will be played on Tuesday

.Florida, USA
Jonathan Fatu has had repeated run-ins with the law. (Photo credit: Instagram/jonathanfatu)

  • Jimmy Uso had readings of .202 and .205 from a breathalyser
  • He was arrested in Florida as the state's legal limit is .08
  • His bond was set was $500

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Frank Clark has been with the Chiefs for three years (Photo Credits: Instagram/@therealfrankc55)

  • According to media reports, Kansas City Chief’s Frank Clark was arrested by the LAPD on Sunday
  • Clark was caught carrying a submachine gun in his vehicle
  • Clark was booked into the county jail on Monday morning and released on a $35,000 bond

.Hong Kong
The raid was conducted on Thursday early in the morning. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • Five arrests were made under the city's national security law
  • Five officials were arrested in the raid
  • Apple Daily owner Jimmy Lai is currently serving multiple jail sentences

.Moscow, Russia
Dmitry Gudkov was detained on Tuesday. (Photo Credit: AFP File)

  • Dmitry Gudkov faces up to five years in prison if convicted
  • Police conducted searches in his country house outside Moscow
  • Dmitry's father announced the detention on Twitter

As per the rumours, the long distance is touted to be the reason behind their sour relationship. (Photo Credit- Instagram/@realkaranmehra)

  • Actor Karan Mehra has been arrested after his wife Nisha Rawal filed a complaint against him, following a brawl
  • There have been rumours that the actor and his wife were facing trouble in their marital life
  • The couple has a four-year-old son, Kavish

.Beijing, China
China has jailed Qiu Ziming, who is a popular blogger. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Pixabay)

  • Qiu Ziming, the popular Chinese blogger, has been jailed for eight months
  • He is the first person to be jailed under a new provision of China's criminal law
  • Chinese military in February said four soldiers were killed in the Galwan valley clash