The United States conducted airstrikes against the town of Ayyash in the Deir ez-Zor region of Syria, marking a significant military action.

Here are 10 key points about this event:

  1. Strategic Targets: The US military targeted infrastructure facilities used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Deir ez-Zor, Syria​​.
  2. Retaliatory Action: These airstrikes were in response to a suspected Iranian drone attack that hit a coalition base near Al-Hasakah on March 23, which resulted in the death of a US contractor and five US service members​​.
  3. No Casualties Reported: Initially, no casualties were reported from the airstrikes on Iran-backed militia positions in Deir ez-Zor, highlighting the precision of the strikes​​.

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  1. B-1 Bombers Utilized: The operation saw the use of B1 long-range bombers, which were flown directly from the United States, showcasing the reach and capability of US airpower.
  2. 85 Targets Struck: The operation was extensive, with 85 targets being successfully struck, indicating the scale of the US military’s response to the killing of its personnel.
  3. Background of Attack: The airstrikes came after three American soldiers were killed at a military post in Jordan, further intensifying the situation and leading to this decisive action.
  4. President Biden’s Directive: President Joe Biden directed the airstrikes, demonstrating the administration’s commitment to protecting US forces and responding to threats against them​​.
  5. US Military’s Statement: The US Central Command confirmed that the airstrikes were conducted at President Joe Biden’s direction, targeting facilities associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ affiliates in Deir ez-Zor​​.

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  1. Increased Security Measures: Following the airstrikes, heightened security measures at US-led coalition bases in eastern Syria were anticipated, with advisories for caution and avoidance of military sites in Syria​​.
  2. Potential for Further Actions: The situation suggested that further airstrikes and retaliatory attacks could occur in the short term, reflecting the volatile security environment in Syria and the ongoing tensions between the US, its allies, and Iran-backed groups​​.

This operation underscores the complexities of the geopolitical landscape in Syria and the broader Middle East, as well as the US’s proactive stance on safeguarding its interests and personnel in the region.