Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. (Photo Credit: Associated Press)

  • Scott Morrison will be attending the Quad Summit on September 24
  • The 53-year-old has held 5 ministerial roles in additon to being the PM
  • Morrison is a member of Liberal Party of Australia

.Ottawa, ON, Canada
Justin Trudeau called an early election in August, just two years after the previous one. (Picture credits: Facebook/Justin Trudeau)

  • Justin Trudeau is projected to form a minortiy governemnt, again
  • Opposition leader Erin O'Toole conceded defeat on Monday night
  • Tudeau's Liberals are projected to 156 seats

.Toronto, ON, Canada
The snap elections were announced by Justin Trudeau earlier this year. (Photo Credit: Associated Press)

  • Trudeau's decision is being tagged as a political gamble
  • Erin O'Toole is representing the conservative party
  • Issues like gun control and foriegn policy are also likely to decide the outcome

.Ottawa, ON, Canada
Justin Trudeau has held the Prime Minister's office since 2015. (Photo credit: Facebook/@Justin Trudeau)

  • Trudeau is expected to make the announcement on Sunday, according to sources
  • Canada's liberal party currently relies on other parties for legislative support
  • Since 2019, Trudeau's government lost significant support