Daniil Medvedev is a Russian tennis player, born on February 11, 1996, in Moscow, Russia. In his debut in UTS4, he was nicknamed ‘the chess master’, thanks to his love of chess and his technical expertise on the court, because of the skills he managed to stay at the 1st rank for 16 weeks.

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Medvedev’s greatest moment came at the US Open in 2021 when he won his first Grand Slam title, beating Novak Djokovic in the final. This in itself is one of his greatest wins considering how tough it is to defeat Djokovic when he is in his Grand Slam aura.

He has also reached two other Slam finals; at the US Open final in 2019, where he pushed Rafael Nadal to five sets, and at the Australian Open in 2021, where he was beaten in straight sets by Djokovic. In London in 2020, Medvedev became the first player in Nitto ATP Finals history to defeat the Top 3 ATP players by ranking at the same Nitto ATP Finals, and just the fourth player to do it in ATP history. Medvedev has won 19 ATP Tour titles in his career, including four in 2023. Interestingly, Medvedev’s 20 titles have come at different tournaments.

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Speaking after his Maimi triumph, the Russian said “About Wimbledon, I’m really happy. Same about Olympics.” After missing out from the tournament in 2022 due to the ban on Russian and Belarusian players, this would be the opportunity to rank and aim higher in his sport. In his interview after the walkthrough he said “I had no choice but to keep battling until the last point. I feel sorry for Jiri. Hopefully he’ll recover and play at many more Grand Slams…”

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Still making it to the Wimbledon quarter-finals, Daniil said ‘..I don’t want to stop. I’m playing great. I’m looking forward to the next matches and I want to try and win for sure.’ His opponent will be Christopher Eubanks of the USA.