.New Delhi, Delhi, India
One of the most frequent dietary deficits that people might suffer from is calcium deficiency. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/ (Photo Credit: Representational Image/ Pixabay)

  • Calcium deficiency is one of the most frequent dietary deficits that people suffer from
  • Calcium has been pigeonholed as a bone-builder but it does more than that
  • It aids muscle relaxation, blood coagulation, nerve impulse transmission

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Recently, a triple mutant of COVID-19 virus was also detected in several states of India. (Photo credit: Pixabay)

  • COVID cases and death numbers are going up everyday across India
  • Even those who test negative in RT-PCR test are discovering lung infection in CT scans
  • People who are contracting newer COVID variants are showing severe symptoms

Get tested for COVID-19 immediately if you have symptoms like cough, fever and cold.(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

  • If you are diagnosed as COVID positive, there are certain steps that you need to follow to ensure everyone's safety
  • It is important to self-isolate in order to keep others out of the risk
  • Know more about what to do when you turn COVID positive

.Wuhan, Hubei, China
The study included 1,733 patients discharged from Wuhan hospital (Photo Credits: Representative Image / Pixabay)

  • The research was based on hundreds of patients from Wuhan
  • The study found that 76% of the patients still had symptoms
  • The research suggests after six months of testing negative, the antibodies reduce by 52.5%

.Paris, France
French President tested positive for coronavirus last week. (Picture Credits: AP/PTI)

  • French President Macron will end his isolation after seven days
  • The President earlier had symptoms like coughing, fatigue and muscle aches
  • The vaccination drive in France will start on Sunday