Major Kevin McCool, a British soldier, died in Kenya, according to confirmation from the Ministry of Defence. According to the MoD, the 32-year-old had a stellar military record, having deployed in Europe, the Middle East, the Falklands, and Africa. He passed suddenly on November 29 while off duty.

According to The Telegraph, the incident that led to his death involved an alleged attack while riding a motorcycle off base. The statement from the MoD does not contain any more information on the incident.

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Who was Major Kevin McCool?

Kevin McCool was 32 years old. According to the Ministry of Defence, Major Kevin McCool is survived by his brothers Fergal and Brendan, sisters May, Alice, and Margaret, and parents Joseph and Joan.

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps in a statement after McCool’s death said, “It’s clear from the tributes of those who knew him that Major McCool was an exceptional person and an exceptional soldier, loved and respected in equal measure, who served his country with distinction. My thoughts and sympathies are with his family, friends, and colleagues currently coming to terms with this most tragic loss.”

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Major Kevin McCool, commissioned in August 2014 from Sandhurst, was described by his commanding officer as a “fearless” person of the “utmost integrity.” Major McCool had a “mischievous twinkle in his eye,” according to the Ministry of Defence, which made him “tremendous fun to be with.”

According to the ministry’s statement, Kevin demonstrated exceptional performance in a military setting, exhibiting his best traits when deployed and reaching his peak under trying circumstances.

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“Kevin McCool’s eyes radiated his spirit of adventure and his focused, determined nature,” said the commander commanding Major McCool. He was a wise, proactive, unselfish pilgrim soul in the best meaning of the word. Serving people and taking on obstacles in the arena were the sources of his greatest happiness and optimal condition.”